Those with a love for motorized bikes and challenging physics puzzles will be happy to hear that Trials Rising has received its first add-on. Said DLC pack is called Sixty Six, and for good reason.

Sixty Six is named as it is because it presents players with the opportunity to take their skills to the iconic American roadway, Route 66. There, they’ll be able to partake in new events and challenges, including riding through both the Grand Canyon and the Windy City. All of the above will take place over twenty-four new tracks, two new Stadium Finals and two additional Skill Games.

In addition to the above, Sixty Six will bring a new American football uniform to the game, which will allow riders to deck their avatars out as a pros, and protect them from hard-hitting obstacles at the same time. That, as well as new contracts and golden squirrel collectibles.

Private multiplayer also comes to the game as part of this update, but it’s a separate, free of charge addition.

Trials Rising‘s Sixty Six expansion can be purchased separately for $10.99. It is also a part of the game’s $26.99 expansion pass.

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