Several months after releasing the game onto physical and digital store shelves, Just Cause 4‘s developers have let us know what to expect from the sandbox action adventure’s first downloadable expansion. One they call Daredevils of Destruction.

As the press release states, Daredevils of Destruction will infuse the game with fifteen themed missions. All of them will be centred upon one thing, though, and that’s challenging oneself in order to unlock sixteen different weaponized vehicles. In fact, the missions will be structured in way that presents them as explosive and action-packed challenges, of the following varieties:

Survival: Speed through a gauntlet of landmines, wrecking balls and rings of fire in this ultimate drive for survival. Destroy obstacles along the way and race towards the checkpoints to secure victory.

Run: Drive through extreme weather and master high-speed stunts in Run. Obliterate your rivals with a variety of weapons as you try to cross the finish line!

Rampage: Master the art of destruction and create carnage within this explosive arena. Reduce targets and rival drivers to scrap metal to achieve the high score!

“This is the first of three explosive over-the-top DLC packs in the ‘Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass’. Each pack will bring more vehicles, new modes, weapons and activities that continue to make the Just Cause 4 sandbox richer, crazier and even more extreme. Every pack will integrate seamlessly with the main game and add new experiences and more amazing tools of destruction.” Said Victoria Setian, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. “It’s a privilege to be able to continue to expand our massive action sandbox in Just Cause 4. Thank you for all the support so far!”

Daredevils of Destruction will be incorporated into Just Cause 4 on April 30th, but those who own the Gold Edition of the game can look forward to seven days’ worth of early access.

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