Sony has announced a State of Play livestream to take place tomorrow, May 9th, with a few announcements planned for PlayStation. The presentation, said to last for 10 minutes, will give more details about the MediEvil remake as well as detail an unannounced new game, “and more.” Don’t expect any next-generation details, however, as Sony is purposely saying they won’t be included in this presentation.

The Japanese company has been taking a very Nintendo-like approach with announcements lately, as they appear to be modelling their releases after the Nintendo Direct approach. They even inform gamers what to expect regarding the length of the presentation and a snippet of what games will be discussed.

Sony hosted a State of Play stream back in March which showed off eight games and lasted about ten minutes.

The upcoming stream takes place at 3PM PST (6PM PST) and can be viewed on , , , and .

As Sony will not be at E3 2019, and has explained that they’re not planning any activations in Los Angeles or any announcements during that time in June, so we expect another State of Play to drop either the weeks leading up to E3, or potentially in the weeks to follow. They have already made a statement that Episode 3 is underway and to expect it “later in the year with more news and updates.”

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