GRID reboot gets announcement trailer, release date

Codemasters announced Tuesday that a reboot of its GRID franchise is in the works, showing off a pre-rendered trailer of a race between a series of different supercars, as well as some not-so-supercars.

The trailer ended with a release date indicating the title will be out on September 13th of this year, a much shorter announcement-to-release window than most games see.

The little information we know about the game aside from the obvious fact that well, it will have cars, is that there are both a Standard and Ultimate Edition available to pre-order, the latter of which will include Season 1-3 content. What this content will actually include is anyone’s guess at this point.

We expect to learn a lot more about GRID at E3 2019 in just a few short weeks.

GRID is set to launch on September 13th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.