A new, but familiar theatre of war is heading Battlefield V‘s way.

In addition to announcing new maps for the game’s multiplayer modes, EA and DICE also revealed that Battlefield V will be heading back to the Pacific. It won’t do so until this fall, though, with the release of the title’s ‘Chapter 5’ season.

Speaking of the other maps, it’s important to note that several will be released during Chapter 4, which starts on June 27th. The first will be a giant South African landscape called Al Sundan, where players can pilot air and land vehicles in what is an adaptation of the campaign’s ‘Under No Flag’ mission. Meanwhile, the second map — which is scheduled for release in July — is set in a small Greek village.

Going further, two additional, close-combat focused maps were announced for August. They will then be joined by more Nordic countryside locales, which are set to release later this year. Operation Underground will even take players to an early 20th Century subway station this October.

Lastly, it’s been confirmed that DICE will increase Battlefield V‘s player level cap from 50 to 500 sometime in August. Each new rank will then award players with special emblems and in-game currency.


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