RAGE 2 may only be a few weeks old, but that doesn’t mean those behind it aren’t ready to release new content.

During Bethesda’s BE3 2019 presser, RAGE 2 was given some screen time to show off its brand new trailer, which incorporated new cheats, vehicles, story missions, and even a badass mech. Through its 80s charm, quirky music, violent gameplay and text overlays, the trailer promised new features on a weekly basis. This includes a sandworm enemy, a pilotable mech, a skull emblazoned motorcycle, new weapons, new abilities and a new enemy faction.

Rise of the Ghosts is the aforementioned expansion, and it’s where the new enemy faction comes into play. We don’t know a whole lot about this add-on, other than the fact that it will introduce new enemies, story missions and the like. Of course, we previously knew that RAGE 2 would be getting two post-launch expansions, but didn’t know what they’d be called or what they’d have to do with.

This will be the first.

Stay tuned for more information.

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