Fans of the game are well aware of the fact that The Elder Scrolls Online just incorporated a brand new expansion called Elsweyr. We’ve covered it a few times on this site, so you may have seen those articles as well.

Tonight, Bethesda teased another narrative that will be released during the fourth quarter of this year. They began this announcement with a visually impressive story trailer, which ended with a cliffhanger and showed a familiar character named Sai Sahan. Fans erupted when he was shown and announced, and will be happy to hear that he apparently plays a pretty big role in that upcoming DLC narrative, which is called Dragonhold.

Dragonhold will complete the Season of the Dragon. More details regarding it will be revealed at QuakeCon.

This isn’t the only new content that was announced for The Elder Scrolls Online. While it might have been the biggest, the team also hinted at a “dungeon DLC adventure” called Scalebreaker, which will be released in August.

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