Starting tomorrow, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will transport interested parties to a digital and interactive version of the 80s, which just so happens to be chock full of Nazi soldiers and robotic abominations. Starring B.J.’s two daughters, it’s a different take on the series’ familiar formula, albeit one that is said to retain what fans loved about the more recent Wolfenstein games.

If you’re on the fence, or maybe haven’t heard about this impending release, you can see its recently uploaded launch trailer above all of this text.

Those with interest can still pre-purchase this game, which will entitle them to some digital goodies, like weapons and skins. Purchasing the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition also provides a pass that will allow you to play online co-op with a friend who hasn’t yet bought the game in any capacity. Please note, though, that the second person in this deal will not be able to earn achievements or trophies.

Stay tuned for our review of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. We received a review code today, and are aiming to publish something within release week. Please check back to see our thoughts.

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