When the first cinematic trailer for Blair Witch appeared at E3, it was a surprise announcement that came out of left field. What added to the surprise was how soon the game was set to release, as it was revealed that it’s due to launch near the end of this summer.

As of today, there’s only about a month to go before the game will drop onto Xbox One and PC. To mark this occasion, we now have its first gameplay trailer, which is as creepy and unsettling as you’d expect.

The video is full of startles and scares, and gives us our first look at some of the mechanics that will be at play. For instance, how your dog companion (Bullet) can be told to seek, and be issued other commands. There is also a scene where the main character is shown driving, as well as moments involving a handheld camcorder from years gone by. You’ll even see a hint of combat.

Blair Witch is due to release on August 30th, and it certainly has our attention.

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