Fans of EA Sports’ NHL series will be happy to hear that a lot of work has gone into updating and altering the next game’s franchise mode. While last year’s iteration incorporated improved scouting systems, NHL 20‘s changes focus on coaching, player evaluation, line chemistry and inter-organization chatter.

In a nearly 25 minute-long trailer, Gurn Sumal — NHL 20‘s Franchise mode producer — goes into great detail about all of the new changes and implementations. First, he talks about coaches, while showing how fans will now be able to see and talk to the coaches in their system. Hiring the right coach will increase team chemistry, too, and it will be important to have the right mix of players and coaches in order to get the most out of your organization. One can even use dialogue options to sway conversations, or get tips from the coaches in their system.

Later on, line chemistry is discussed and shown in detail, much like the coaching system. It seems that line chemistry will have a much bigger impact this time around, which is a good thing, as it should be a helpful tool when it comes to editing lines. This mechanic will also help you figure out what types of players your team needs, while offering bonuses for finding great fits. Furthermore, it will tie into coaching, as each coach has his own different style and preferences. Liking physical players, rolling four lines, and that type of thing.

Other things that are discussed include pro reports, pro scout assessments upgrades, and draft pick personalities. There’s also talk about exempt contracts, which don’t count against your roster limitations. It’s said that they really open up trading, and make more possible.

Needless to say, quite a bit of updating has gone into Franchise mode, which should make it a lot more immersive in NHL 20.

Below, you’ll find some other trailers that you may have missed.

NHL 20 will be released on September 13th, and we can’t wait. It means that hockey season isn’t far off!

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