The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta is live, at least on PlayStation 4, and its developer is already hard at work on making changes. They’ve taken to Reddit, to share what will be available during the beta’s run, what’s coming soon, and the feedback they’re looking into addressing.

Infinity Ward has also used its blog to share details pertaining to a brand new mode, called Cyber Attack, which was introduced into the beta this morning.

Here’s a bit of what was shared:

Cyber Attack

“Retrieve the enemy EMP device and plant it near the enemy’s Data Center.”

The Basics:

Two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and are tasked at picking up an EMP device to plant it at the opposing team’s data center.

Should a team plant the EMP device, the opposing team has the chance to defuse it before it explodes.

Players only have one life per round but can be revived by a teammate after being knocked down to 0 health.

A team wins the round when either the EMP device goes off at the enemy base, or if all players on the other team are eliminated.

The first team to win five rounds wins the match.

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