PlayStation 5 will launch during ‘Holiday 2020’

Sony has officially confirmed that its next console will be called PlayStation 5, and has promised that the new hardware will be released during next year’s holiday season.

In a PlayStation Blog post, which was written by SIE President & CEO Jim Ryan, the company shared this information, along with other details. Namely, information pertaining to a brand new controller that will ship alongside the system.

The PlayStation 5 controller was designed by re-imagining how the sense of touch can be used to improve one’s gaming experiences. The result is an input accessory that incorporates haptic feedback instead of rumble technology, allowing for a wider range of feedback. It’s said that this technology will even allow people to get a sense of different in-game textures, such as grass, sand, mud, etc.

Said device will also now feature ‘adaptive triggers,’ which factor into its L2 and R2 buttons. This will allow developers to program the triggers’ resistance, in order to create unique tactile sensations for things like drawing a bow or firing a gun.

The controller does not have a name yet, but we expect it will be called the DualShock 5.

Wired has more new, known and assumed information to share, including the unsurprising fact that the PlayStation 5 will incorporate a SSD, and use discs that can store up to 100GB of data. It’s said that the new hardware may even allow players to choose which parts (of games) they’d like to install, meaning that one could just install the single player portion and save the multiplayer for later. Solid state technology will also streamline things, and make installing faster and smoother.

They go on to say that the console’s UI has been revamped, to make it more user friendly, and to also allow for it to be less static than the PS4’s rather bland one. That, as well as the fact that the new controller will have an improved speaker.

Expect to hear a lot more about the PlayStation 5 as we get closer to Holiday 2020.