In a series first, Pokemon Sword & Shield will be adding DLC expansions. Furthermore, the games will also adopt an expansion pass, which said add-ons will fall under.

The aforementioned news acted as the headliner of this week’s Pokemon Direct presentation, during which Nintendo also announced a remake of two previously released games. At that time, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company confirmed their plans to release an expansion pass for Sword & Shield, which will include two DLC packs, each of which will add new environments, new Pokemon, new clothing items and more. In fact, it’s been said that more than 100 new articles of clothing will be introduced into the games this way.

When it releases this June, Isle of Armor will act as the games’ first expansion, and will send players to an eponymous island, which is the home of new Pokemon who aren’t featured in Galar proper. This includes a new legendary, who takes the form of a fighting bear and is named Kubfu, but can evolve into Urshifu, with single strike or rapid strike variants on offer. Single strike will act as a fighting/dark combo type, whereas rapid strike will be a fighting/water type. Also worth mentioning is the fact that he will be able to Gigantmax.

The theme of that expansion will apparently be growth.

While there, on the Isle of Armor, players will meet a former Pokemon League Champion named Mustard, and his protege, who acts as a new rival. Said rival will differ based on which version of the game you’re playing, as Sword‘s Klara will be a poison-type trainer, whereas Shield‘s Avery will be a psychic-type trainer.

Releasing further down the line will be Pokemon Sword & Shield‘s second expansion, which uses the name Crown Tundra. It’s expected to launch next fall, and will feature the theme of exploration. Plus, as its name suggests, it will take place within an arctic environment, which is home to new Pokemon. This includes the grass/psychic-type, Calyrex.

The Crown Tundra area will also be home to numerous max raid dens, which can actually be entered and explored with other players. Doing so will offer you the chance to encounter Legendary Pokemon from previous games, along with new ones that look like Galarian versions of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

As mentioned above, the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass will introduce other new Pokemon, along with some returning favourites. These will be limited to the new regions, but will also be available to others through trading, and will include regional variants.

Once the Pokemon Direct ended, Nintendo released an update that lets players to sample their new expansion pass content. It allows folks to travel to an exotic station, where they’ll meet either Klara or Avery, and will also let them catch a Galarian Slowpoke.

Those who do purchase the pass for $30 USD will also be given a bonus, in the form of Pikachu and Eevee outfits for their trainers.


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