It’s described as being “the ultimate indie brawler,” but what first came to mind when watching the new trailer for Merge and Dark Screen Games’ Bounty Battle was a mix between Super Smash Bros. and indie gaming.

Highlighted during today’s Nintendo Indie Showcase, Bounty Battle is a 2D fighting game that aims to bring some of independent gaming’s most notable characters together for some fisticuffs. The resulting roster of 25 playable fighters comes from 20 different games, and includes ones from Dead Cells, Guacamelee!, Awesomenauts, Nuclear Throne, Owlboy, Steamworld Dig and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Each of these fighters will possess their own move sets and minions, who will assist them in battle.

The game’s key features will be:

  • A host of game modes including a Story Mode, Couch Multiplayer, Practise and Tutorial to discover your style
  • Over 20 characters from your favorite Indie titles each with their own move set and special attacks
  • Each fighter has their very own minion to summon and join the fight
  • Over 10 arenas to battle on – some plucked from the worlds of their fighters
  • Multiple color and palette swap options to fight in style

Bounty Battle is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Switch this summer. Only the Switch and PS4 platforms will receive its Signature Edition, though. That will come with:

  • Region free copy of Bounty Battle on the console of your choice.
  • Four limited edition enamel pins featuring Bounty Battle fighters: Atlas, Lazarus, Lilith and Tyran.
  • Numbered collector’s certificate, printed with the developers’ signatures.
  • 34-page booklet detailing the combatants featured in Bounty Battle.
  • Sturdy “Sierra” box with foam insert.
  • Outer sleeve featuring alternative artwork.

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