Nintendo Online and eShop Services are down (Update: back up!)

Update:┬áNintendo Online services have resumed operation as of approximately 6:00 PM Eastern Time, though Nintendo’s Twitter account indicates users may still see some spotty coverage while services ramp up in earnest. Game on!

In the midst of everyone staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo Online and the Nintendo eShop have gone out of service since approximately 4:56 AM Eastern Time.

The current service notice on Nintendo’s Online Service Status page indicates that all network services, including Switch, Wii U, 3DS, and web, are currently unable to connect to the network service.

As people are working from home more and more, it is likely that some servers are going down as maintenance workers are unable to restore service. While online gaming is one of the lowest items on the totem pole of things to restore in this pandemic, social communication and games are part of the structure that will keep people at home in good spirits.

We will report when the services are restored.