PlayStation 5 “Deep Dive” scheduled for March 18 at 12PM EST

PlayStation 5 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny will be unveiling the specifications and presenting a “deep dive” into the PlayStation 5 tomorrow, according to PlayStation’s official Twitter account and the PlayStation Blog.

It is unclear at this time whether we will get a glimpse at the hardware of the new machine. When Mark Cerny officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 in 2013, the reveal event included some game and operating system information, as well as lots of hardware specifications, but no images of the console itself.

Coming just two days after Microsoft revealed the technical specifications and system architecture for Xbox Series X, it appears as if Sony’s move is to counter Microsoft’s, though it was likely planned out far in advance.

We will of course keep you updated tomorrow as the news breaks, as well as compare the consoles based on the information we have.

Whether they launch this holiday season remains to be seen given the current COVID-19 pandemic likely strangling supply chains and engineering efforts of countless companies across the globe.