F1 2020 will rev its engines this summer

Current events may have postponed F1 races indefinitely, but fans can still look forward to Codemasters’ digitized take on the sport. That is, F1 2020, which the racing gurus just announced today.

Expected to release this summer, F1 2020 promises to be “the biggest F1 game yet.” In an attempt to live up to this lofty, advertising-based promise, this year’s iteration will present a variety of new features, including a driver-manager My Team mode, split-screen multiplayer and two new tracks. That, plus advanced settings, to allow players to further customize their circuit-based experience.

Of course, the main draw will continue to be Career Mode, which will return in three varieties. The first will be the regular, 22 race season, while the others will offer shorter, 10 and 16 race seasons.

Expect to be able to purchase an F1 2020 Seventy Edition, which includes an assortment of exclusive in-game items, all of which aim to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the circuit. Those with money to burn, or great interest, can also pony up extra cash for the F1 2020 Schumacher Deluxe Edition. It includes all of the Seventy Edition’s content, along with early access to four of the icon’s most popular cars, three days’ worth of early access to the game, special customization items and a unique podium celebration. Said cars will be the 1991 Jordan 191, 1994 Benetton B194, 1995 Benetton B195, and 2000 Ferrari F1-2000.

F1 2020 will hit the starting line on July 10th, and will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.