Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 gets reloaded via massive new patch

If you’re a diehard Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player, you likely noticed that the game received a 15gb update today. If not, this is a PSA that you’ll have to download it before playing, if you haven’t done so already.

Earlier today, Activision released said update, and revealed the changes, fixes and updates that make it so massive. Things like:

  • Playlist updates: Warzone now offers Solos, Trios and Quads, plus Plunder Trios
  • New Most Wanted Contract: Players can voluntarily place a bounty upon their own heads, and allow other squads to go after them.
  • Cargo Track: Has been put back in BR Solos. Its turning, acceleration and top speed have all been lessened, though.
  • New item added: The armor satchel, which allows you to carry eight armor plates instead of just five.
  • Adjusted Plunder: Final ratings will be given in coin form, from bronze to gold
  • New Master Weapon Camo: Obsidian
  • New LMG and Gunsmith Customs: Unlock and use the Bruen MK9
  • Multiplayer Playlists: Gunfight Blueprints, 3v3 Ranked Gunfights, Reinfected Ground War and Shoot the Ship 24/7

A double XP weekend will also occur between May 1st and 4th, while next week’s ‘new game modes’ will be Gunfight Knives Only, Demolition and Gun Game Reloaded.

For the full list, check out Infinity Ward’s Blog.