At the end of June, Ubisoft will launch a brand new North American league for Rainbow Six eSports. Thus, for the first time in Rainbow Six history, Canada will join the global competition with its own division. This will consist of four online teams who will have schedules similar to those of their U.S.-based peers.

This Rainbow Six North American League will feature two regional divisions, in Canada and the United States. The latter’s eight American teams will compete in an offline league based in Las Vegas.

In addition to the above, Ubisoft has also revealed plans to launch the Open Siege Series, which will provide a semi-pro ecosystem for aspiring pros to compete in. Its goal is to foster the best up and comers in both territories, and will be accessible online. Like the pro League, it will consist of eight teams per region, each of which will be playing for a chance to break into the top tier.

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