Genius Slackers reveal creepy psychological thriller, What Happened

This summer, fans of the psychological horror (or thriller, as they call it here) genre will be able to pick up and play What Happened. The debut game from indie developers Genius Slackers, it’s expected to release on Steam soon, with console versions set to follow at a later date.

In What Happened, gamers will use a first-person vantage point to guide a high school student through the dark corridors of his mind, as he does battle with his demons, some of which are real and some of which are imagined. They’ll solve puzzles, deal with twisted memories and do whatever is necessary to escape the clutches of main character Stiles’ demons. As they do, the game will respond to the empathy that they show him. The strings that are pulled by the player, as they make their way through this dark campaign and make challenging choices, will seal his fate as he attempts to head toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

After being developed as a labour of love, What Happened is destined to release onto Steam this July.