Bethesda is celebrating 20 years of Arkane Studios

Twenty years ago, Arkane Studios opened and began working on interactive entertainment for you and I. The Lyon, France based company has since gone on to create a couple of the most popular games out there — Dishonored and Dishonored 2 — not to mention some very solid DLC and a pretty good expansion for them. Today, Bethesda is celebrating this achievement and company birthday, and is doing so in style.

Over the next few weeks, there will be giveaways, AMAs, behind-the-scenes videos and more. Tune into to watch streams featuring Arkane Studios talent and other special guests.

Those with interest can also join the brand new Arkane Outsiders fan community. Anyone who happens to join (and signs up to receive email updates) before 10am EST on May 31st will then receive a free digital copy of the studio’s first game, Arx Fatalis, as well as a digital artbook called Art of Arkane. The code will be redeemable through the launcher.