Journey is now available on Steam

The 2012 adventure game, Journey, is now on Steam, after previously being released onto PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, iOS and the Epic Games Store. As such those who only game on PC, and who will not deal with any service other than Steam, can finally play one of the most talked about indie games of all time.

In Journey, players explore an ancient, mysterious world as they soar above ruins and glide across sands to discover its secrets. Choose to play alone or in the company of a companion (played by anonymous gamers anywhere around the world) and travel its vast world together. The original PlayStation release of Journey broke two Guinness World Records for most awards won by an indie game, attracting over 100+ industry awards and media accolades, with many naming the title as their ‘Game of The Year.’

Those with interest can purchase thatgamecompany’s critically acclaimed title for $14.99. Anyone who does will also receive Flower for free.