CastleStorm II will launch next month

You’ll be able to toss sheep and storm castles at the end of next month, when CastleStorm II officially releases. This news was revealed today, through press release means, alongside a new trailer. An Epic Games Store demo as well.

We’ve borrowed the following from said release:

CastleStorm II is a charming, cartoonish, multigenre mashup featuring ballista-based castle-bashing, tower defense, hack-n-slash, and the newly added element of conquest with both real-time and turn-based strategy.

Join the comical mayhem on the medieval battlefield as you take control of ground troops to engage in hack-and-slash combat and avoid friendly fire (watch out for that sheep!) all while strategically navigating the new randomly generated world map to conquer the land. Oh, and did we mention you can choose your faction? Now you can either fight to defend the honor of the royal Kingdom or you can join the hordes of undead soldiers, sheep, and other monstrosities to demolish the Kingdom instead – Yes, you can choose to be the bad guys in this game!

You’ll be able to play CastleStorm II on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Epic Games Store) on July 31st. The aforementioned EGS demo will only be available until June 30th though.