Operencia: The Stolen Sun is coming to VR

Although Zen Studios previously released its dungeon crawler, Operencia: The Stolen Sun, onto consoles and PC, the game was originally planned for VR. Now that goal is in reach, and the game has been confirmed for release on Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and Steam VR.

Through Operencia, fans of the genre can look forward to more than 30 hours of gameplay, in what’s been described as “a world rife with malevolent monsters, devious traps, and mind-bending puzzles.” Entry into this experience will set those with interest back $29.99 USD.

The land of Operencia is an unconventional fantasy world where history meets legend – a faraway land inspired by countless Hungarian folktales. In this turn-based RPG, you will explore the far reaches of the land like never before in a visually captivating quest to free the abducted Sun King, Napkiraly, saving Operencia from endless days of night. As the release of Operencia: The Stolen Sun unfolds into the fascinating world of VR, the game enables total immersion unmatched by other classic RPGs.

You’ll be able to undertake this interactive adventure later in 2020.