Poland’s Ovid Works have provided interested parties with two ways to learn more about their upcoming, Kafkaesque title, Metamorphosis. The first takes the form of a new gameplay trailer, which shows the perspective changing game off, while the other is an interactive and playable demo. According to the press release, however, the latter is currently exclusive to Steam, thanks to the service’s ongoing Summer Games Festival.

This is the story of Gregor: a man who has morphed into a tiny bug, then set out on a journey to discover the reason for his transformation. It’s a first-person adventure based on the surrealist stylings of Kafka and his peers.

Metamorphosis lets players experience:

  • A bug’s perspective in first person – see the world in a whole new way
  • Challenging environmental puzzles – parkour, wall climb, search for clues, and overcome obstacles
  • Unique movement mechanics – make full use of your tiny body and sticky limbs
  • A story inspired by Kafka’s imagination – meet eccentric characters in a hand-painted world, as you journey through surrealist landscapes towards The Tower

Expect to be able to play Metamorphosis on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this summer.

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