Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches ‘Season 4 Reloaded,’ and gets an Air Verdansk trailer

Earlier today, Activision relaunched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s latest event as ‘Season Four Reloaded.’ What that means is our consoles received another large update for an already massive game. One that offers its fans and regular players more content to enjoy, more bullets to shoot and more human enemies to blast away with said projectiles.

Season 4 Reloaded adds a new weapon (the RYTEC AMR), the Cheshire Park multiplayer map, the Team Defender multiplayer mode, Gunfight tournament rewards, triple feed XP and an operator named Roze. The biggest addition, though, comes in the form of a 200 player battle royale mode called Verdansk. This means 50 quads of operators fighting each other.

Oh, and it also brought with it some new Call of Duty: Warzone updates, such as Juggernaut Royale, a Gulag Weapons update, a new contract supply run and a spotter scope.

Check out the new, partially live action, Air Verdansk trailer below: