New Destroy All Humans! trailers let you decide how to punish humanity

It won’t be long before the Destroy All Humans! remake is released. As such, it’s to be expected that the game’s promotional efforts are increasing.

Today, THQ Nordic uploaded a brand new trailer for the quirky title, which offers basic, choose-your-own-adventure style interactivity. After watching an alien shoot, electrocute, imitate and hurt numerous people, you’ll be given a choice as to how to continue the mission. Will you interrogate the agent, or will you confront the army?

Making one’s choice will then open up a second trailer, which will then offer another choice. It goes on for a bit as a result.

Crypto’s new remake also received a demo today. You can download and play it through Steam.

Destroy All Humans! will come to consoles and PC on July 28th.