The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope gets a creepy story trailer

Fans of the horror genre have no doubt heard of, and been following, The Dark Pictures Anthology. This will be especially true of those who loved Until Dawn and/or this series’ first installment, which was pretty solid. It’s for those folks that we’re sharing the news of a new trailer for Little Hope. That is, the second of perhaps eight planned games set in this dark universe.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope takes place in an eerie New England town of the same name. After their bus crashes, several college students and their professor must deal with residents who look exactly like them, all while exploring the strange area’s witch hunting lore. One of said playable characters will, in fact, be portrayed by Will Poulter.

Like the previous title, this will be an interactive movie of sorts, wherein the player’s choices will decide who lives, who dies, and what ends up happening.

Look below for a chance to see some of the creeps, scares and disturbing images that await us this coming Halloween: