Braid: Anniversary Edition confirmed for multiple platforms

Jonathon Blow’s indie phenomenon, Braid, has just been confirmed for release on current and next-gen platforms. Those being Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Windows and Linux. Thus, what was new in 2008 will once again be new in 2020.

This new iteration of the ever popular puzzle/platformer will be called Braid: Anniversary Edition. As expected, it will come bearing upgrades and enhancements, including smoother animations, brush strokes, and generally improved visuals and sound. Some will also be happy to hear that a very comprehensive developer commentary track is also planned for this re-release.

You’ll even be able to switch between the updated version and the original, Xbox Live Arcade title from 2008.

Braid: Anniversary Edition is expected to release next year.