Fans of team-based multiplayer games will perhaps find today’s Hood: Outlaws & Legends reveal of interest. Reason being is that the Focus Home Interactive title (and new IP) is billed as being a 4v4 multiplayer heist experience. Furthermore, it’s loosely based on the story of Robin Hood.

The game was just confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, your goal is to steal from ‘The State,’ which is likely a new interpretation of stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

The catch here is that two teams of four will compete to steal the same heist, as opposed to one team being the thieves and the other being ‘The State.’ As such, you’ll want to make sure to be stealthy and careful, and utilize your chosen outlaw’s special abilities as there will be different classes. There will also be ways to hinder your opponents’ progress.

“Our game world is realistic, with believable interactions and consequences,” says Game Director Andrew Willans. “Treasure chests are heavy and must be carried. Ammo is limited to what you can carry, salvage, or recover from your fallen enemies. Noise attracts attention, both from the AI guards and rival players. Combat can be brutal and deadly, so using stealth can often be the optimal approach.”

Certain outlaws will have close combat/melee abilities, while others will be more range focused. The goal is to have a good team set-up that is complementary in and of itself.

“This is a heist after all, and no heist would be complete without assembling the gang to discuss the plan before cracking the vault and making good on your getaway!,” Willans added in his blog post.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will bring its version of Dark Ages Britain and Robin Hood to consoles and PC in 2021. The PlayStation 5 version will also apparently make use of its controller’s DualSense capabilities.

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