Martha is Dead will come to Xbox Series X and PC sometime next year

The Town of Light developer,, and its publishing partner, Wired Productions, have shared more about a game that they expect to release in 2021. It’s called Martha is Dead, and is planned for both Xbox Series X and PC. Interestingly, it seems as if a PS5 version is not in the works, making this a Microsoft console exclusive.

Set in 1944, Martha is Dead will utilize real world locations and events to tell its mysterious, scary and unsettling story. In doing so, it will place gamers inside a war ridden Italy, and will task them with playing as the sister of a woman who’s been found drowned and desecrated. Local folklore and ‘distressing events’ will also play a role in this disturbing experience, as will “an incredible visual experience that blurs the boundaries between gaming and reality.”

“Martha‚Äôs brutal murder brings with it a mirrored sense of misery,” said LKA Founder and Director, Luca Dalco. “This game will shock, make players question the truth and like The Town of Light, help continue a conversation around subject matters that still carry much stigma.”

As you play through this game, you’ll learn about Martha’s twin sister, and explore her demons as well. This will be handled through a multi-layered narrative.

Stay tuned for more information.