DONTNOD dates Twin Mirror for release

Fans of DONTNOD and its games will be happy to hear that its next project, Twin Mirror, will be released later this year. This news was revealed today, through a press release and a complementary gameplay trailer.

This narrative-focused experience, which is being co-developed by Shibuya Productions, will officially launch on the first of December. When it does, it’ll hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. That said, it’ll surely be playable on next-gen via backwards compatibility.

As a former investigative journalist, Sam Higgs has developed multiple analytical skills represented in the game by the Mind Palace, a place where players will discover multiple aspects of his personality.

Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics serving the narrative, Sam’s Mind Palace is a safe space where the protagonist can be his true self without any pressure or judgment. Players will be able to revisit Sam’s past and witness his memories during flashback sequences.

Sam’s Mind Palace also plays a central part in his quest for the truth. Players will be able to study the environment and gather clues allowing the simulation of multiple scenarios to deduct the course of events or predict the story’s key turning points.

Facing dramatic events and the ghosts of his past, Sam is progressively losing control of this haven of peace. He also soon discovers that the Mind Palace doesn’t really help him confront his fears or reconnect with his acquaintances.

That’s when the Double comes into play. This is a character only Sam can see. A representation of himself more emphatic and social. Sam can always rely on this ally to guide him through social interactions and navigate a society that sometimes rejects singularity.

Here’s Twin Mirror‘s new gameplay trailer, which explores Sam’s Mind Palace.

As mentioned above, Twin Mirror will be out on December 1st. It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year, as far as the PC version goes. Also, those who pre-order the game will receive its soundtrack as a bonus.