Wreckfest has welcomed its second season, along with a wealth of additional content

Bugbear Interactive is far from finished with Wreckfest, and proved that today by ushering in the extreme racing game’s second season.

Season two of Wreckfest will last until March, 2021, and will bring a wealth of content. This includes:

  • More free tracks
  • Additional challenges
  • Extra rewards
  • DLC car packs

In fact, four DLC car packs will be part of Season 2. All will be available as part of the new ‘Season Pass 2,’ and will introduce 12 new vehicles into the game. The first (Car Pack #7) will cost you $3.99 USD. Also: Players who buy Season Pass 2 between September 15 and 22 (on PC/Steam only) will get a 10% launch discount.

Also worth noting is the fact that all players will get free new tracks with each DLC release. A new tournament will also launch every two weeks until the end of the second season. September’s will be called Getaway Heat, and will offer players the Rocket RX. To complete it, they’ll have to race through a city’s downtown core, while dealing with streets that zig-zag. Hell, they’ll even get to deal with one of New York’s famous yellow taxis.

If you haven’t purchased Wreckfest yet, you can pick up the Complete Edition, which will replace the base game in all storefronts. It contains the base game, as well as all season one and two content, for $49.99. Note that it’s digital only.

The base game has also been discounted to $29.99 USD, and the first season pass has been lowered to $14.99.