Sony’s PlayStation 5 will launch in November, and will cost…

The 16th of September was a day that all PlayStation fans had circled on their calendars, as it promised news of the upcoming PlayStation 5‘s price(s) and release date. Now, all of that information is out in the wild, and people are abuzz about it.

Thanks to Sony’s livestream, we now know that the PlayStation 5 consoles (one of which is digital only, of course) will release two days after Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That means it will launch on the 12th of November. A Thursday, oddly enough.

So, how much will these consoles be? Well, they’ll be expensive to put it bluntly, but not as expensive as some thought they’d be.

In Canada, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be $499.99, while the regular console — with its Ultra-HD Blu-ray drive — will cost $629.99. That’s before taxes, of course. Also, it seems that there won’t be any sort of payment plan like Microsoft is wisely offering.

Pre-orders for both PlayStation 5 consoles went live tonight (September 16th) at select retailers. They started becoming available shortly after the livestream presentation ended. According to people online, though, EB Games will start taking in-person pre-orders tomorrow morning. If you’re okay with doing so online, you can currently pre-order at Best Buy and The Source, stock permitting.