Through press release means, DONTNOD has announced that it’s begun recruiting talented individuals for a brand new project. This new IP, which is going to be headed by some of Life is Strange‘s creators, will be developed here in Canada. In Montreal, to be exact.

This new IP is being headed by Luc Baghadoust (Executive Producer) and Michael Koch (Creative Director), and will feature other members of the former Life is Strange team. Their goal is to “produce another narrative masterpiece.”

Luc Baghadoust says: “I moved to Montréal right after the launch of Life Is Strange 2 and literally fell in love with the city and its culture. From the many indie studios to the big players of the industry, Montréal’s heart is beating from such energy and creativity, it’s an honor for DONTNOD to join the local scene. Pursuing our adventure here with Michel and taking part in the birth of a new team to work on an original project is a true blessing”

“With the formation of a new team on another continent, we are writing a new page of DONTNOD’s history. It’s also a new beginning for new characters and original stories that we hope will touch and inspire many players around the world. Each of our projects taught us more about our creative strength and weaknesses but at the end of the day, our community remains the best reflection of our craft. We want to keep progressing and offer our fans new interactive experiences more inclusive, impactful and filled with empathy”, adds Michel Koch.

“Montréal is recognized as one of the 5 largest video game production centers in the world. We are convinced that the creativity of Montréal talent combined with that of the DONTNOD team will result in remarkable projects,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montréal International, who accompanied DONTNOD, in collaboration with Investissement Québec, in its efforts. “The addition of these Montréal enthusiasts confirms the city’s power of attraction for French companies. So far in 2020, Montréal International has supported no less than nine French companies that will create more than 1,750 jobs in the region. »

DONTNOD will begin by hiring 12 people for a dozen different jobs, all of which can be found on their website.

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