Big Ant Studios’ Tennis World Tour 2 is now available for purchase throughout the gaming world, and to celebrate the studio has released the sporting sequel’s launch trailer.

Tennis World Tour 2 features 38 real-life pros, and promises a realistic experience that “faithfully transcribes the specific aspects of the sport and its competitive nature.” It’s also said to have been redesigned from the ground up. Well, big parts of it at least.

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to choose your favourite tennis pro from a list of thirty-eight, and will get to make your mark on the world’s best courts. This can be done in exhibition matches, or through the game’s Career Mode, which is where creating a player becomes an option. The latter will feature a card system, which will allow you to temporarily influence your created pro’s statistics in order to get the upper hand.

Of course, online play will also be an available option.

Tennis World Tour 2 was released today in North America and Europe, and is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will come to Nintendo Switch on the 15th of October.


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