Developer Ebb Software has released a surprisingly lengthy, fourteen minute long gameplay trailer for its H.R. Geiger inspired horror game, Scorn. To say that it’s disturbing and weird would be an understatement, but it certainly looks good.

The footage is from a different part of the level revealed previously, and showcases the progress the team has made on the singular experience of Scorn. Gameplay and game systems have been enhanced, with new weapons, animations, environments and creatures added.

The entire environment and every encounter within it are designed to tell a specific story and draw you into the world of Scorn. Initially indifferent to your humanoid presence in the sticky, organic passages they inhabit, the creatures you meet quickly turn hostile if crossed.

This footage was taken from the Xbox One X version of the game, which is said to have reached parity with high-spec PC configurations.

We’ll unfortunately have to wait until 2021 to play Scorn.

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