Little Nightmares II shares a horrific trailer ahead of Halloween

Although it won’t be released until early next year, the team behind Little Nightmares II wanted to take advantage of the Halloween season. They did just that, by releasing a new trailer for the spooky and beautiful-looking game, which just so happens to be set in a horrific hospital. One that nobody should ever wish to visit.

In this new look at the sequel to one of this generation’s most under-appreciated games, dual protagonists Six and Mono must avoid shambling patients, traps, hazards and a spooky man with a shotgun, as they try to get through and out of this disturbing hospital. Doing so may cost them their lives, though.

Little Nightmares II is looking absolutely fantastic, and should be a fun but scary way to spend part of the coming winter with. It’s scheduled to release on the 11th of February, and will do so on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.