You can now pre-order Twin Mirror’s soundtrack on vinyl

Those with interest can now express their intention of purchasing Twin Mirror‘s soundtrack, by placing a pre-order on its limited edition vinyl.

Developed by DONTNOD, Twin Mirror is a psychological thriller which released last week. Its soundtrack was produced by award-winning composer, David Wingo, and was just revealed as being something available for purchase. Those who do pre-order its vinyl release will end up receiving a second version — that being a digital one, featuring MP3, FLAC and WAV files — for free.

The vinyl was pressed in France, from an analogue mastering. It features unique visuals, a word from the composer and an interview (which is printed in the leaflet). It’s also going to be limited edition.

“When DONTNOD called me to work on Twin Mirror’s music, they really emphasized on the story and the cinematographic aspects of the game, asking me to treat the project like I would do for a movie.” says David Wingo. “I’ve never worked on a videogame before so I was a bit shy at the beginning. After reading the scenario and receiving the firsts scenes, I could finally understand what they meant and what their expectations were. I am incredibly thankful for being able to work on this very unique project with amazingly talented and very passionate developers.”

If you’re interested in pre-purchasing the 180 gram black vinyl of Twin Mirror‘s soundtrack, you can do so here.

Stay tuned for our review of Twin Mirror. We just received a late review code.