Milestone has released MXGP 2020

This is just a friendly public service announcement, to let fans of Milestone’s racing games know that a new one has been released. That is, MXGP 2020; this year’s iteration of the annual extreme sports series.

Featuring the official 2020 MXGP racing season, and all it entailed, the game allows fans to interactively live out their dreams of being part of the action. This can be accomplished through 68 different riders, 19 circuits and an official track editor. As always, there will also be a Playground mode, which will let players hone their skills and free roam. Well, that and Waypoint race.

The game’s online mode will be aided by dedicated servers, for a lag-free experience. Its Race Director option will also let you create your own tournaments.

MXGP 2020 is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, plus Windows/Steam. A PlayStation 5 version will be released on January 14th.