Trebuchet’s Winds & Leaves will be a PSVR exclusive

Montreal’s Trebuchet has announced that its upcoming title, Winds & Leaves, will be released as a PSVR exclusive this coming spring. They’ve asked players to, “Prepare yourself for a magnificent journey like none other where you’ll uncover mystical ancient secrets whilst re-flourishing the land!”

In Winds and Leaves, you are The Gardener, a lonely being whose sole purpose is to regrow vegetation in a barren world. This is no small deed, considering you’ll only have your stilts, some planting tools and your limitless thirst for exploration. As you begin exploring the world, you’ll stumble upon old landmarks that you’ll have to awaken by summoning the energy of your ever growing forests. You’ll soon realize these imposing structures are all part of a greater whole..

Game Features:

  • Grow a Verdant Forest:
    • Stranded in a barren landscape, you are the only being capable of mastering the ancient art of growing vegetation. Journey across the Steppe to gather ancient dormant varieties. Learn to read the signs of the various climates, uncover diverse biomes, and grow your own forest in this truly unique VR flora builder.
  • Explore an intriguing ever-changing world and uncover its mysteries
    • Up on your Stilts, a unique locomotion system made for PlayStation VR, cross deserts and empty riverbeds to stumble on otherworldly monuments that belong to a distant past. As you grow a lush flora throughout the world, discover ancient knowledge about this once-thriving land to guide you in your effort to make life blossom again.
  • Witness and feel a whole world coming back to life
    • As you start planting a sprawling forest, enjoy a stunningly beautiful VR experience featuring procedural player-grown trees, an evolving, living soundtrack that reacts to the world around you, and dynamic time and weather simulation. Winds & Leaves is a true VR symphony.

Alexandre Pernot Lopes, Trebuchet Creative Director and co-founder says “We are very excited about Winds and Leaves, as it is our largest project to date. We have welcomed a bunch of new faces in our team, and pushed our limits to create something unique and innovative. None of it would be possible without PlayStation’s incredible trust and support.”

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Winds & Leaves.