Controversial military shooter, Six Days in Fallujah, has been revived

We guess you never saw this coming. We certainly didn’t.

Earlier this morning, Konami revealed that its previously cancelled military shooter, Six Days in Fallujah, is coming to consoles and PC. What’s odd  is that the game — which is based on a real battle — was cancelled back in 2009.

Based on the Second Battle of Fallujah (2004), this first-person tactical shooter takes its setting and content from one of the world’s worst wars. In fact, it was created by a veteran of that battle.

“Sometimes the only way to understand what’s true is to experience reality for yourself,” said former Marine Sergeant Eddie Garcia, who was wounded during the Battle for Fallujah and came up with the original idea for the game back in 2005. “War is filled with uncertainty and tough choices that can’t be understood by watching someone on a TV or movie screen make these choices for you. Video games can help all of us understand real-world events in ways other media can’t.”

“It’s hard to understand what combat is actually like through fake people doing fake things in fake places,” commented Tamte. “This generation showed sacrifice and courage in Iraq as remarkable as any in history. And now they’re offering the rest of us a new way to understand one of the most important events of our century. It’s time to challenge outdated stereotypes about what video games can be.”

Promising to be “the most realistic military shooter yet,” this controversial project is in the works at Victura and Highwire Games. Six Days in Fallujah is actually expected to see the light of day — 12 years after cancellation — later this year.