Warner Bros. Pictures’ Mortal Kombat movie gets a violent red band trailer

Earlier today, Warner Bros. Pictures pleased fans by releasing the first true trailer for its new Mortal Kombat movie. A video that just so happens to be its (adults only) red band trailer.

The movie centres upon a young MMA fighter named Cole, who is unaware that his birthmark is more than just that. He soon discovers that it has to do with a secret tournament known as Mortal Kombat, and finds himself in the middle of a dangerous competition.

Based on the iconic and controversial video game series of the same name, Mortal Kombat (2021) seems to make good use of modern technology to do things that the 90s movies simply weren’t able to at the time. This includes a lot of advanced special effects work, which will very likely please fans of action movies and video games alike. Here’s hoping this movie won’t be a waste of its budget, and will end up being as good as, or better than, its very enjoyable 90s predecessor.

Mortal Kombat will battle its way into theatres, and onto HBO Max, on the 16th of April. According to today’s press release, those with interest will have 31 days to view it on that aforementioned streaming service.