Ubisoft has officially removed the curtain from its next piece of Rainbow Six: Siege DLC. Thus we now know what the first part of Year 6 will entail.

Dubbed Crimson Heist, this addition to the incredibly popular multiplayer shooter will feature a new attacker named Flores. Equipped with something called the Ratero Charge (RCE), Flores is able to deploy and drive a remote controlled explosive device for a limited period of time. When its timer ends, or if Flores decides to deploy it, said device will become bulletproof, start a short fuse timer and then explode.

He is also going to be armed with an AR-33 or SR-25 as a primary weapon, and a GSH-18 as a secondary.

Crimson Heist will also introduce a new gadget called Gonne-6, which does little damage to both soft walls and operators. That, plus a re-imagined version of the Border map, which has been reworked and now features a balcony connecting the east staircase to its break room. Hell, they even extended the bathroom so that it connects to the tellers.

Lastly, those who download this content will also receive a new elite skin for Kali called Masterframe Prototype. It was added into Rainbow Six: Siege yesterday, which was the same day on which its Crimson Heist test server went live.

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