Nintendo reveals new OLED Nintendo Switch model

A new Nintendo Switch model (or upgrade) had been rumoured for some time. Today, we finally learned what the gaming giant has had up its proverbial sleeve.

While it’s not the Super Nintendo Switch that many were hoping for, it is a new and improved take on the hybrid console. The most notable improvement comes in the form of an OLED screen. Said screen will be 7 inches in size, as opposed to the original’s 6.2 inch LCD.

Other changes include a wider kickstand, improved/built-in speakers, a LAN port and 64gb of storage. The latter will double that of its popular predecessor’s 32gb.

Unfortunately, this new OLED Nintendo Switch’s upgrades will stop there. Instead of supporting 4K gaming, or having been beefed up under the hood, it’s internal capabilities will remain mostly the same. That means continued resolutions of 720p (portable) and 1080p (docked).

You’ll be able to purchase this slightly larger OLED Nintendo Switch model on October 8th. It’ll set you back $449.99 in Canadian dollars.