Introducing the Sea of Thieves x Borderlands crossover: Making Mayhem!

Fans of both Borderlands and Sea of Thieves will be happy to hear that the two have crossed over in colourful fashion. The result is Making Mayhem; an event that has introduced a colourful new ship and some quirky challenges.

Decorated in bright red and yellow hues, this new, Borderlands-themed ship, stands out with panache. It’s aided not only by its familiar colour scheme, but the logos and other decorations found upon it. This includes a Claptrap figurehead, who leads his crew into battle.

Of course, it also brings new challenges to the open seas:

“Minor Mayhem Challenges are bite-sized tasks like blasting a shark with a Gunpowder Barrel or torching skeletons with a Firebomb, while Major Mayhem Challenges are more lucrative but demanding acts like looting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault or tearing through a Tall Tale,” explains the game’s website.

If you’re up to the task, visit Larinna at any outpost. Just make sure to complete these challenges by September 7th, in order to unlock this zany ship cosmetic.