NHL 22 shines a light on its superstars with new modes

Earlier today, EA Sports Canada shone a light on NHL 22 and its superstars, by revealing how the game’s new X-Factors and modes will coexist.

We will be sharing some information and visuals over the next two days on Be a Pro, Franchise Mode, World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team through the EA SPORTS NHL website and social channels, but here are a few key details to know about the modes in NHL 22:

Superstar X-Factors in Modes:

  • Hockey Ultimate Team: Power-up items that start players off with one X-Factor ability and let them unlock abilities as they progress
  • World of CHEL: Play in any World of Chel Mode to unlock X-Factor Abilities to assign to your customized player
  • Be a Pro: Earn and equip X-Factor abilities to shape players and advance their pro career
  • Franchise Mode: New X-Factor reports allow scouting of both pro and amateur X-Factors. X-Factors contribute to line chemistry, influence trade values of players and are integrated with Fog of War.

New Mode Features:.

  • Hockey Ultimate Team: Introducing customizable synergies—unlock and choose synergies for upgradeable players to maximize the ultimate team’s performance.

  • World of CHEL:

  • Customize Player Classes: More tools to fine tune your playing style by being able to adjust attribute points as well as topping it off with powerful X-Factor Abilities

  • Revamped World of CHEL Hub: Access game modes, player customization, clubs, rewards, challenges and stats more quickly than ever in a completely new hub.

  • New Party Flow: Invite friends and hang out anywhere in the World of CHEL Hub. Migrate from one game mode to another without having to party up again.

  • EASHL Club Arenas: If a player’s EASHL Club has a custom arena, it’ll be your home base in the World of CHEL Hub.

  • Be a Pro: New multi-season storylines and challenges offer longer term goals like building a dynasty early in a player’s career like Sidney Crosby, or winning consecutive Cups on different teams like Patrick Maroon.

  • Franchise Mode: Celebrating the arrival of the Seattle Kraken, players can now have an expansion draft for the 33rd NHL team.

NHL 22 will release on October 15th, and will be powered by the Frostbite Engine when it does so.