Insomniac Games announces Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which will swing onto PlayStation 5 in 2023

Prior to today’s PlayStation Showcase, one of the biggest circulating rumours pertained to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Well, those whispered and typed out stories were true, as Insomniac Games has officially confirmed the sequel for a 2023 release.

Details were kept at a minimum, but a reveal trailer has given us some ideas of what to expect. First off, it seems that both Peter and Miles will be playable heroes, similar to how things played out in the first game. Next, it sounds like iconic villain, Kraven the Hunter, will also also play a big role.

The big reveal, though, is that the sequel’s major villain will (likely) be Venom. Not just any version of Venom, but one voiced by Candyman actor, Tony Todd! He appears right at the end of the following trailer, promising Kraven the challenger he’s been hoping for.