Whet your appetite with this new Rainbow Six: Extraction trailer

Ubisoft has dropped a brand new trailer for its upcoming, parasitic infestation shooter, Rainbow Six: Extraction. Through it, you’ll get a better look at what to expect from the next instalment in this venerable and iconic series.

After mutating alien parasites known as Archaens take over four major US ports — New York, San Francisco, Alaska and New Mexico — Team Rainbow operators are dispatched to deal with the immense threat. One that is much unlike any other they’ve ever dealt with.

The idea behind this new game is that you can go as far as you’re comfortable with. What that means is that, when you play by yourself or with up to two friends, you can choose a region and fight your way through as much of it as possible. Once extraction is called for, the game will then bank your progress and reward you for your efforts. This creates a system where players can bank earlier progress, in an attempt to help them face greater challenges down the road.

Rainbow Six: Extraction is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You’ll be able to play it this coming January.