Arkane Lyon’s DEATHLOOP is now available for PC and PlayStation 5

Bethesda has proudly announced that Arkane Lyon’s DEATHLOOP has officially launched. Those with interest can now purchase and play the innovative first-person shooter/stealth game on their PCs or PlayStation 5 consoles.

“On behalf of the whole DEATHLOOP team at Arkane Lyon and Bethesda, we hope you have a fantastic time playing the game and will join us to celebrate the love we have poured into it,” said Dinga Bakaba, Game Director on DEATHLOOP. “DEATHLOOP is something very new from Arkane Lyon, and we dedicated ourselves to creating a memorable experience unlike anything we’ve created before.”

DEATHLOOP’s engaging murder puzzle casts players as the amnesiac Colt who remains trapped on the time-locked island of Blackreef. By piecing together clues players will discover how to complete the perfect assassination timeloop, eliminating eight “Visionaries” in a single day. Players can also jump into the game’s multiplayer mode as Julianna – a rival assassin and Colt’s arch nemesis – to protect the timeloop.

Please check back, as we will be posting our thoughts on DEATHLOOP soon. Bethesda sent us a review code this past weekend, but we haven’t had a chance to finish the game yet. Thus, our written review will be posted within the next week or so.